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Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review

Anyone seeking high performance, professional level headphones for studio or home use cannot go wrong with the M50 series from Audio Technica.  At price points that will offer value to the professional or higher end consumer, these headphones offer spectacular performance in addition to a reasonable value, and are available from a number of sources.


The “poster child” of the line is the ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (under $120 from, a tried and true leader in the field.  With a closed back style, great frequency range (15 – 28,000 Hz) and a whopping 99dB output sensitivity, there are reasons this has been a leader in this segment for over ten years.  Light weight, convenient coiled cable length extending to almost 10 feet, and a foldable format for easy storage and transport are just a few more of the options that are standard with this piece.  And users of all walks agree that the value offered by this line is outstanding – you can comfortably listen to music all day long, picking up on the subtle nuances on a CD often missed with other headphones even of a much higher price.  The sound quality and durability are as undeniable as the value and both ¼” and 1/8” plugs/adaptors are standard so you can immediately use these great phones on either compact or professional equipment.  And with one of the lowest impedance levels offered in this price range (38 ohms) you will be amazed at the volume possible out of smaller devices like an IPod ®.

audio technica ath-m50 review

Audio Technica M50 – Quality and Value

Users around the globe have relied on the ATH-M50 line as a standard bearer for years due to both quality and value.  No other comparably priced headphones on the market can match the features, fit and sheer high quality specifications as the M50.  “Great cans” is the most commonly used description of this set, for good reason…they do everything well.  Granted, they are closed back style, which might limit some of the “openness” or transparency of open back styles headphones, but with their outstanding cushioned fit for maximum isolation and proprietary 45 mm driver design with high output neodymium magnets you can rock out all day long at high volume with these babies and not bother the other people in the room!  As good as they sound out of the box, they will benefit from a short “burn in” period…after about 40 hours of use you will notice a distinct, noticeable improvement in the sound.  The output will be clearer, cleaner, elevated from what it was before, with even better separation; like a fine wine, these headphones only get better with age!

audio technica m50

Audio Technica M50 – Straight or Coiled?

Also available in straight cable (M50S) and white coiled cable (M50WH) versions in the same price range, you will surely find a model here to meet your most exacting demands, whether for use in the studio or in your home.  You can’t go wrong with the ATH-M50 line of professional studio monitor headphones…with Audio-Technica’s sophisticated driver technology and superior components, they can deliver exceptional power, incredibly realistic sound and unrivalled value.  If new cans are in your future, be sure to check these out first; they will be your last stop!